Monday, June 27, 2011

Squirrel's World - Book Introduction

Squirrel's World (Candlewick Readers)

44 pages in hardback
ISBN: 978-0-7636-2929-8

Written by Lisa Moser
Illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev
Fiction beginner chapter book - 4 Chapters

Summary from the book:
Squirrel’s well-meaning attempts to help his forest friends do not always turn out as planned.

The Queen's Take:
I smiled all the way through this book. The squirrel's bouncy dialogue and Moser's bouncy text had me experiencing the rashness of this impulsive little rodent. After seeing many of these playful critters in my own castle yard, I have to say the author was dead on in her characterization. 

Squirrel goes from one mishap to another as he helps his friends--whether they want it or not. The repetitive words and phrases will make word recognition easy for beginning readers. The silliness will keep them engaged, and the beautiful watercolor pictures are appealing to the eye. This is a "big kids" book, little ones should be able to tackle after a few guided reading sessions.

Discussion Questions While Reading:
1. Is Squirrel really helping his friends, or making things worse?
2. Why do you think they don't get angry at Squirrel? Would you feel angry?
3. It seems Squirrel's friends are very patient with him, knowing he means well. What do you think "patience" means and how can you show patience with other people who bother you?
4. Do you know of anyone in your life who is patient with you?

Return on Wednesday, and I'll offer a few tips and games to help children get acquainted with the words and some other fun activities to encourage learning and exploration. 

Happy Reading!
The Queen

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