Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Squirrel's World - Activity Adventures

Come on! There's loads of nutty fun to be had at the Castle today!

Hello Again, Good Friends. 

Today is packed with bunches of fun things to do and places to explore. Get your bag of nuts or popcorn, some crayons and paper and let's go. Oh, and afterward, why don't you go outside for Squirrel's favorite game of Hide and Seek? Whoo-hooo!

Discussion Questions:

Read the story again and answer some of these questions--
Was Squirrel very helpful to mouse? Why or why not?
Did Squirrel’s game seem fun to turtle? What games to you think a turtle would rather play?
Why did rabbit want the lily pad? Do you think it was useful once he did get it? 

----Explore the World of Squirrels----

National Geographic Site has some great pictures of squirrels and information about different kinds and habitats they live in. 

Click the link above and you'll see pictures and videos of a mother squirrel as she cares for her young over a period of a few weeks. A squirrel made a nest in the fire escape grill of this man's apartment. He has been watching and filming this wonderful opportunity to experience a real gift of nature. 

Make Your Own Squirrel Book:
Either print out a coloring picture of  a squirrel, or go to Enchanted Learning for a printable of a squirrel. Create a small booklet by folding a few sheets of paper in half and using the squirrel printout for the front. Let children write notes and draw pictures on what they have learned about squirrels during their on-line explorations. 

 -----Crafty Ideas----- 

 This cute squirrel only requires a pinecone and some pompoms and pipe cleaners. You could also simply cut out a paper circle for the head and oval for the tail. Make it fun and easy. Check out the link for instructions on how to make this cute fella. 

These little guys will make for a fun game of Find the Nut. You'll need felt and egg cartons to make this. Click the link for detailed instructions. 

2 comments: said...

Those squirrel crafts look so cute. Makes me want to run out and get some pipe cleaners and felt right now. :) Thanks for sharing!

Jackie Castle said...

You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I bet he can still be made with just scraps of paper, or even brown or tan fabric. Would be fun to see what kind of "found" objects you could use to make it look like a squirrel without having to buy all the pom poms and felt. Hummm....