Friday, June 10, 2011

David Wiesner- Author and Illustrator

Author’s Arena

Welcome back, good subjects of the Queen,
I do hope you found great treasures in this fine book, Art and Max, and that your adventures took you to wonderful places on Wednesday. Today, we enter the Author's Arena to meet the grand wizard behind the magic.

David Wiesner is a three time Caldecott winner who has also created, “Tuesday,” “The Three Pigs” and “Flotsam”.

Weisner was the kid in school who knew how to draw. He knew early on what he wanted to do with his life and spent years working toward that goal. He went to a design school in Rhode Island to learn about art and eventually realized that children's books would allow him the greatest creative flow with his beloved arts.
Check out David Wiesner's website for more fun activities. 

Interesting things you'll find on David Wiesner's website:
The process of creating Art and Max. Wiesner is so dedicated to his work, he will spend years on illustrating just one book. Art and Max took him four years to complete. He started with a series of sketches, and an idea. Once he found the perfect characters, Wiesner molded them into clay figures so he could work on expressions and visualize movements. He also studied real life. Where do you suppose he might have to go to study real life lizards?

How long are you willing to spend working on a project? 
On the Interactive tab, there is a coloring page that kids can color Max and Art online.

Enjoy this Video by Wiesner about the creative process of creating Art and Max:

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