Friday, June 24, 2011

Bookish Delights - Royal News Announcements

Good Friday, dear friends,
So the mysterious Pottermore site opened up with an announcement from JK Rowling herself laying out her "new plan." 

According to Publisher's Weekly, Rowling stated that her Pottermore web site would be a "portal to get additional stories and information about the Harry Potter universe, as well as the sold place to buy heretofore unavailable e-book editions of the Potter titles."

Sounds like Rowling is jumping on the e-book wagon like many other authors who wish to have control, and more profit, from their works. The books are reportedly supposed to be available in multiple formats, yet nobody is sure at this time what that means. Nor are they sure how this will eventually effect the future of book publishing. I'm intrigued and interested to see what happens.

The site will not officially open until later this year. However, you can sign up now to get informed and possibly be on the forefront of helping this happen. Check out the Pottermore site for more information.

Books for Boys - Children's Adventure & Mystery Author Max Elliot Anderson

I came across this site the other day and just want to bring it to your attention. If you have boys, and we know how difficult it is to get those young princes interesting in the written word. There are dragons out there to hunt and black Knights to war.

Anyway, Max Elliot's goal is to reach out to young boys with his books. Though I haven't had a chance to read any of his work, and hence, I'm not endorsing his books at this point, I do wish to bring his site to your attention. Check out his video and take a look at what he has to offer. Maybe it'll be something that will peak your young warrior's interest.

One Last Tidbit: Winnie the Pooh will be in theater's July 15th
I will always be a big fan of anything from Beatrice Potter, and all Winnie the Pooh tales.

So, I just noticed that the Disney is releasing a new movie version of this beloved tale. I'm not sure if it will have the enduring quality of the original, but young children probably wont care.

Before this movie comes out, go find a copy of A.A. Milne's book. (Here's a few possibilities)


After reading this delightful book with your children, go to the official movie website for Winnie the Pooh and have a look around. There are games and other interactive activities to do while you are there. Afterward, go out and find a creek to play a game of Sticks with your kids. It's sure to be a wonderful time.

Happy Reading,
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